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Contractor or Handyman?

In today's economy we are all looking to cut costs. When hiring someone for home repairs or remodeling it is important that you hire the right person for the job otherwise, cutting costs may end up costing you. Did you know that General Contractors licensed by the state of California must demonstrate a certain level of knowledge, skill and experience in order to be licensed. They need to have references and proven work experience that can only come from actually working on real jobs. Contractors are usually able to handle larger, more complicated jobs that a handyman since they are required to understand all aspects of construction, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC that could effect the way a job is carried out.

General contractors are also insured so that if someone gets injured on the worksite you will not be held financially responsible. A handyman may be less expensive but they are not required to carry any type of insurance so damage to persons or property might shift to you, the homeowner.

Finally, General contractors guarantee their work. If it is not finished as per the contract they are legally bound to make sure it gets done correctly. Someone who just does odd jobs here and there may charge you a lower price but because there is usually no enforceable contract it will be hard to ask them to return to the job site to remedy defects due to rushed or shoddy work.

Your home is your most important investment. Don't take a chance cutting corners otherwise it could mean more than just money down the drain.


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